• The MHBS / MHBM series

MHBS series upgraded and extended with the new MHBM execution

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MHBS / MHBM specification reference: Ed04_Rev01


Wide nominal capacitance range

from 0.68µF to 130µF for MHBS and from 0.68µF to 120µF for MHBM, also thanks to the adoption of a new big box 45x65x57.5mm.

Type of terminals

The MHBS keeps the same executions with up to 6 radial terminals and lug terminals. The MHBM is provided only with multiple radial terminals (up to 6).

MHBS main upgrades

The materials, design and characteristics of the MHBS series has not been modified. However, it was necessary to remove the AC ratings to prevent wrong interpretation of the specifications and usage. This has no impact on the correct and permitted usages and applications of the MHBS series. The MHBM execution inherits the suitability for use in AC applications (with restrictions according to the specification). Nevertheless, for all AC-Power applications, please refer to the specialized series MHBA and THZ.

New MHBM execution

Expressly created to keep the possibility of AC usage of the series, in addition to the applications and typical uses of it. Based on the fundamental characteristics, design and materials of the MHBS, a special segmented film metallization has been added. A higher safety level is then reached against a moderate reduction in dimensional efficiency.

Specifications MHBS

MHBS Specifications

Specifications MHBM

MHBM Specifications


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