Quality assurance declarations for Icel capacitors

The quality assurance declarations and certifications for our capacitors are downloadable from this page, and guarantee the compliance of Icel s.r.l. products and processes with all the technical and quality requirements. All capacitors provided to customers are fully respecting these regulations.
Here below you can download the following documents:

  • ISO9001:2015 Certificate

  • RoHS-WEEE March 2019

  • Conflicts Minerals Free Declaration

  • REACH (224) and Annex XVII Declaration July 2022

  • TSCA declaration

  • EU_CRM

  • RMI_CMRT 6.22

  • RMI_CRT 2.2 (Cobalt)

  • RMI_EMRT 1.02 (Cobalt and Mica)

  • US CRM


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