• MHBA upgraded series

    The main improvements

  • New voltage ratings

    3 additional voltages: the series is extended toward higher voltage ratings, up to 1100Vdc and 550Vac. This is reached with new material and new design keeping under control the corona effect and the possible detrimental effects related to high ionization levels

  • Improved robustness under high humidity

    Passed ref. tests: AEC Q-200 D, 40°C 93% RH 1000h, at Ur or Urms; IEC60384-17:2019 Grade II, 40°C 93% RH 1344h = 56 days, at Ur or Urms; IEC60384-17:2019 Grade III, high robustness, 60°C 93% RH 1344h = 56 days, Ur (Urms not admitted) / not applicable for lug terminal executions

  • Extended nominal capacitance range

    from 0.22µF to 75µF

  • Improved pulse withstanding capability

    from 25V/µs to 320V/µs


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