• The new DCH / DCS series


ICEL S.r.l. presents the new DC-Link series: DCH / DCS. This series, boxed execution with multiple radial terminals, represents the evolution and improvement of the former DCB series, replacing it.

The DCH / DCS series offers a wider range of voltage ratings (from 470Vdc, up to 1500Vdc) and capacitance values (up to 175µF), the additional segmented metallized film design execution (DCS), and the additional big box size 45x65x57.5mm.

The new series improves the environmental performances, in particular the upper operating temperature and the robustness under high humidity stresses. 
The DCS execution guarantees a higher safety level thanks to the special segmented metallized film design.

The new series completes the ICEL s.r.l. DC-Link series offer, in addition to the existing high energy density series MHBS.

The new DCH / DCS series takes advantage of the most recent material and design developments achieved by ICEL s.r.l.

Wide range of voltage ratings

the voltage ratings are extened toward high values, up to 1500Vdc. This is reached with new material and new design, including the high safety segmented metallized film

Good robustness under high humidity

Better environmental performances compared to the high energy density DC-Link MHBS series. Passed ref. tests: AEC Q-200 D, 40°C 93% RH 1000h, at Ur; T=40°C 93% RH 1344h = 56 days, at Ur; high robustness, 60°C 93% RH 1344h = 56 days, at Ur

Wide nominal capacitance range

from 0.68µF to 175µF, also thanks to the adoption of a new big box 45x65x57.5mm

Small dimensions

Comparable voltage ratings with respect to the high energy density DC-Link MHBS, keeping small sizes

Good power efficiency

Rised Irms and power handling capability with respect to the DCB series

Multiple terminals execution

Up to 6 terminals execution available for the maximum Irms capability and mechanical stability

Specifications DCH

DCH Specifications

Specifications DCS

DCS Specifications


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