A dedicated lab, thousands of hours of study, international scouting, trainings: all of this is part of our ongoing research for improvement.

Research lab

To maintain a high level of competitiveness in a constantly advancing technological landscape, it is necessary to maintain constantly updated products and mentality.

In ICEL, an internal research laboratory guarantees the implementation and testing of continuous improvements to our products, to ensure their safety and enhance their performance.

News are always being examined, in terms of design and also regarding the constituent elements of our capacitors.

International scouting

The technological scouting we carry out refers to a constant investigation done on probable new technological developments in our sector, and in the identification of specific solutions with a high degree of innovation.

The scouting activities address and allow the in-depth analysis and / or the monitoring of technologies of interest. Scouting can also be used to identify solutions to certain needs of some customers.

Ongoing training

The competence of our technicians is the only thing that can really guarantee quality, because it gives us the possibility to fully understand the opportunity or not of using a product, guides our search for innovation, and transform us in your best consultants.

Often, in fact, an excellent product is not enough to generate the best performance, because it is also important to adapt it to the needs and conditions of use.

Therefore, we do not stop. And our improvement concerns both the product and ourselves and, consequently, our service.

We always hope to give you the constant perception of this and that this could always turn into long-term partnerships, based on trust.


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