Reaction times, reactivity and proactivity. Qualities not often mentioned, but crucial in the resolution and prevention of critical issues.

What does "readiness" mean in a company?

“Ready Companies” will be able to change quickly, adapting to new decision-making processes, increasing their effectiveness with the use of advanced reporting tools, integrating workflows designed around real-time data and providing products and services relevant in the most efficient way.

Readiness to support market developments

A "ready" company is able to define its competitive strategy in a fluid way, evaluating the changing needs of the customer and trying to satisfy them through its services and products.
Part of this strategy is the product development, which changes the portfolio adding, deleting and developing the most relevant products.

Then, not less important, there is the promptness in adapting the marketing and sales strategy: which segments the market by suggesting how to position, fix the price and promote the product. And finally, the supply chain strategy determines the nature of the procurement of materials, their modes of transport, product production and service creation, distribution.

Readiness to react to customer needs

Facing with sudden market changes, companies cannot adopt the "business as usual" approach, ignoring the impact and hoping it will pass. Business readiness involves preparing for measurement operations but also willingness to introduce changes that lead to improvement, including business, infrastructure and digital technology services, processes, and efficient applications.

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