Like water

That’s how we would like to be.
Always new and adaptable, the water immediately takes on the shape of the bowl that houses it, without stopping to flow in its original direction.

Beyond metaphor, for ICEL flexibility is the prompt adjustment of products and services to customer expectations and needs. To be honest, it is a very tiring plus to cultivate and maintain: standardization is the fastest and most convenient way for a company but customer adaptation is what makes us partners more than suppliers, and that's what makes the difference. 

Each project is unique

We start from the customers' needs, we analyze their needs, studying the most suitable solution to respond quickly and economically to every expectation.

Flexibility in the internal organization

To adapt to the customer, but also - more generally - to the market, we have equipped ourselves with a fluid organizational structure, carefully planning a strategic make-or-buy mix and reacting promptly to a constellation of economic events, always present in the market.

A matter of vision

Business resilience has often been the subject of discussion in recent years but, for us, it isn’t a recent discovery. ICEL was born with a strong vocation to follow and, possibly, anticipate and predict changes in demand.

Experience helps

Thanks to our 60 years of experience on our shoulders, we can often predict business evolutions before they happen. This allows us to take innovative paths in advance and show them to our customers. 
You know, in business, who wins is the one who arrives first and goes faster.

And you? Are you flexible enough to follow us?


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