It is a suitcase full of knowledge and history. It is the essential baggage of words, gestures and attitudes, thanks to which the only boundaries in our journey are set by our imagination.

Experience in the sector

60 years. For someone they are few: a man, today, at this age, is in full force.

For a company, the milestone has a somewhat different meaning: it implies having faced some evolutionary market cycle and, if the company is familiar, having seen the baton passed once or twice.

ICEL, in recent years, has been able to evolve conquering an international market, and has done so by basing the next day on the experience of the previous one. Preparing and learning, always.

Experience with situations

We have learned, in fact, that next to the academic preparation, technical studies and personal skills, what makes the difference in the timing and effectiveness of reactions is having already faced similar situations. This concerns the technical aspects of our work but also to the part relating to logistics and customer service.

A collection of real cases experienced by the individual and shared with the company, creates an irreplaceable baggage of answers to draw upon. It is the so-called know-how. Precious. Differentiating.

Experience with the Customers

There is also another skill that acquires depth through practical cases: the relationship with the customer.

A historical relationship implies a deep knowledge and this, in turn, brings with it the ability to foresee needs, guess desires and set up the commercial relationship in the best way for each one.

In conclusion

Experience is not just a story of events, but a wealth of resources, essential to act and react quickly, sometimes anticipating customer requests and identifying possible obstacles to the path, which lead us to trace different, more comfortable and more profitable paths.


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