In any strategic move, surfing the market waves, not forcing time, aiming to our goals with determination and a pinch of stubbornness.

Value n.3 of our Brand Manifesto: COMMITMENT Today, as almost never before in the last 50 years, the world of industry has been called up to collect any resources (financial, strategic, emotional), to deal with a situation such as the Covid Pandemic which has caused and causes serious economic, social and human damage.

ICEL, and many other companies like us, in Italy and across the whole world, has shown that luck never guarantees lasting results but commitment does.


We are a historic company, because we have been on the market for over 60 years.

Of course, as happens in the life-path of every company and every person, there are external circumstances that facilitate the development and the growth or - on the contrary - accelerate the decline.

It is also true that, if a business project is born with the aim of lasting a long time, it cannot act relying on chance or contingency, but it must be based on on a strategic commitment.

A strategic company is the one that, from time to time but with constancy, pragmatism and effectiveness, stops to analyse itself and the surrounding world, formulating possible scenarios for the future and planning consequent actions.

Strategy is a duty for a company that has responsibilities not only towards its customers' business, but also contributes to the livelihood of many families of collaborators and, finally, participates in the global economic movement.


Sometimes, however, plans don't go exactly as planned. There are many unknowns, unexpected events, twists of a future that, otherwise, would not be called so.

Facing with unpredictable scenarios, companies, which are made of people, go through moments of difficulty, including emotional ones. This is why the company has to consider itself not only as an agglomerate of production processes, but also as a cohesive set of shared values.  And so, together, it’s possible to face emotionally stressful situations.

In fact, there may be periods in which it is necessary to react to some difficulties or, on the other hand, to moments of euphoria that can be equally dangerous, because they lead to hasty choices dictated by the emotional wave.


Finally, consistency. Any action, if sporadic and unorganized, is destined to fail or to have no lasting destiny.

The company must organize itself to ensure the daily application of tools aimed at a good working climate, because everyone should be put in condition to work in a serene and profitable way.

In ICEL we do not have the arrogance to say "we do it".

We usually say "we try to do this".

We think that this is the true meaning of the word commitment: we all try, always, to the best of our ability.


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